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Dust explosion proof protection,Class II Group E, F and G (File NO.E114303)
Adjustable detection time delay
High or Low fail-safe mode

General Description

The VL15-U is ideal for detecting fine powders, ordinary powder and granular materials and pellets. This "U" version is certified for use in dust explosion hazardous locations classified Class II, Group E, F and G by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.


Description:For use in Hazardous Locations
              Standard:R1/JIS 5K 50A
              Option:R,NPT 3/4 to 2/from 25A,JIS ANSI,DIN
Supply Power:120V AC 50/60HZ(90 to 132V AC allowable voltage)
                     240V AC 50/60HZ(180 to 264V AC allowable voltage)
Power Consumption:Approx.5VA Max.
Detection Time Delay:Approx.0.5 to 10 seconds for covered
                               Approx.5 seconds for free
Operating Temperature:
               Housing:-20℃ to 60℃
              Vibration rod:-20℃ to 100℃
Maximum Pressure:2MPa / 20bar
Maximum Humidity:95% RH
Sensitivity:Bulk density of 0.2g/cm3 Min.
Vibration Frequency:Approx. 400Hz
Cable Entry:3/4-14NPT×2
Certification:File No. 114303, Class II, Groups E, F and G
Fail safe:High or Low by switch
Indication:Green LED for Power status
                 Red LED for Relay status
                 Yellow LED for Detection status

*1The notion is followed by the UL regulation. 1 HP (horse power)=745.6999W
*2Other materials are available.

Technical Notes

1. Since the VL15-U is approved as the complete assembly, any modification, disassembly, or replacement of
parts on site is impossible. Return the VL to NOHKEN for repair and/or replacement.
2. For top mounting in high silo in a hazardous area, use the VL522N or VL522F approved d2G4 by T.I.I.S.,Japan.