Clark Reliance 电接点液位计备件 EYEHYE

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Clark Reliance 电接点液位计备件

美国Clark reliance公司国内合作伙伴:石家庄仓粒能源科技有限公司



Clark Reliance 电接点液位计备件

  Part No.: ECIL-10R

  Clark Reliance Relay

  Part No.: R440L


  Clark Reliance V-Probe

  Part No.: V465-RK

  Clark Reliance V-Probe

  Part No.: V251-RK

   Clark Reliance V-Probe

  Part No.: V131-RK

   Clark Reliance V-Probe

  Part No.: V171-RK

  Clark Reliance Spare Parts

     Flat Gage Glass

  Borosilicate Transparent Style

  Borosilicate Reflex Style

  High Pressure Style

  Transparent Aluminosilicate

  Reflex Aluminosilicate

  Level Gage Spares

   Non-Asbestos (Garlock&reg; IFG-5500) See Picture

  Grafoil (SS Reinforced) See Picture

  Teflon See Picture

  Mica Shields V-4 & V-2 See Picture

  PCTFE (Formerly Kel-F)

      Level Gage Repair Kits

Kits for Reflex Gages

  Kits for Transparent Gages

  Kits for High Pressure Gages

  * Kits include parts for a complete single section changeout of glass, gaskets

  & mica shields (if applicable)..

Replacement Packing / Bushings

   Packing Rings

  Stem Bushing

  Stem Packing

  Nipple Packing

  Repair Kits

   Gaskets / Washers / Nuts & Bolts

  Spiral Wound Gaskets

  Spring Washers

  Bolts / Nuts

   Simpliport Parts

  Replacement Module for P3000 Series: PW-24BR

  Packing Nut for 1500psi Gage: PW-27R

  Packing Nut for 3000psi Gage: PW-41

  Replacement Module for P3000, P3100, P4000 & P4100 Series: PW-68

  Middle Body for P3000 Series: PW-10

  End Body for P3000 Series: PW-12

Replacement Module for P4000 & P4100 Manufactured in 2008 Series: PW-87B

  Middle Body for P4000 & P4100 Series: PW-85

  End Body for P4000 & P4100 Series: PW-86

  Preventive maintenance avoids costly down time. Replace modules after

  operating 18 months at pressures to 1200 PSI, 12 months at pressures above

  1200 PSI. We suggest replacing remaining modules in gage, after 30% have been

  serviced. Operating conditions ( boiler water chemistry pressure fluctuations,

  etc.) may require occasional module replacement within these recommended PM


   Electrode Probes

  Standard Conductivity Probes

   Model T Probe (above) For Pressures To 450psi (Teflon Insulated)

  Model V Probe (above) For Pressures To 1000psi (Teflon Insulated)

  Model ZG Probe (above) For Pressures To 1800psi (Zirconium Oxide Insulated)

  Model FG Probe (above) For Pressures To 3000psi (Zirconium Oxide Insulated)

  Brazed Conductivity Probes

   The FBRZ Probe has been designed for specification or retrofit into any Clark

  Reliance instrument designed for 3000 PSI.

  Te FSB Probe has been uniquely designed and specified only for Clark Reliance

  model instruments, without any sealing gasket required.

  The ZBRZ Probe has been designed for specification or retrofit to any Clark

  Reliance instrument designed for pressures up to 1800 PSI.

    Relay P/N ECID-23

  Model ECID23 or ECID-23 are available from stock for immediate shipment.  This

  bulletin should be used by experienced personnel as a guide to the

  installation of model ECID controls. Selection or installation of equipment

  should always be accompanied by competent technical assistance. We encourage

  you to contact us if further information is required.

  &#8226;Control Design: Solid state components enclosed in a clear Lexan plug-in

  style housing. Housing carries no NEMA rating.

  &#8226;Contact Design: DPDT (2 form C): two normally open (N.O.) and two normally

  closed (N.C.), non&shy;powered contacts.

  &#8226;Contact Ratings: 5A @ 120, 240 VAC resistive, 1 /10 HIP @ 120,240 VAC. 5A @

  30 VAC.

  &#8226;Contact Life: Mechanical - 5 million operations. Electrical - 100,000

  operations minimum at rated load.

  &#8226;Supply Voltage: 24 or 120 VAC models 10%, minus 15%,50/60 Hz.

  &#8226;Supply Current 120,24 VAC, Relay energized 4.4 VA.

  &#8226;Secondary Circuit 12 VAC RMS voltage on probes, 1.5 milli-amp current.

  &#8226;Sensitivity: Models operate from 0-100,000 OHM maximum specific resistance.

  Temperature: -40 to 150° F ambient. Terminals: All connections #6-32 screw

  type terminals with pressure clamps.

  &#8226;Listings: U.L. listed, Industrial Motor Control (508). CSA approved

  Industrial Control.



美国Clark reliance公司国内合作伙伴:石家庄仓粒能源科技有限公司


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